Older People

Older People aged 50 - 85 years make up 23.1% (14,618  persons) (Census 2011) of the total Camden population of 56,720 people. Of the total population of Camden, 11.1% are aged 50 - 59 years (6.1%),  are aged 60 - 69 years, 4.8% are aged 70 - 84 years and 1.1% are aged 85 or over.

The population within the Camden Local Government Area (LGA) is estimated to grow significantly over the next 30 years as a result of the extensive new developments planned for the LGA with the South Western Sydney Growth Centre and as a result of the general aging population. This will present a challenge for Council and Community organisations working with older people to ensure services and activities continue to be relevant and meet the population demand.

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For more information please contact Camden Council's Community Project Officer, Older Persons on 4645 5020 or via email