Matters on Exhibition

Draft Documents on Public Exhibition

In accordance with the IPR framework, the Community Strategic Plan has been reviewed by the newly elected Council. 

The Community Strategic Plan has been developed through a process of on-going research and community engagement over the past four years. The Plan incorporates this information and is based on knowledge that Council currently has about the local area, its community and the impact of the external factors influencing the local area.

At the time of preparing this Plan, there are federal, state and regional plans and strategies that will have a direct impact on the Camden LGA. These plans and strategies include the South West District Plan, the Plan for Growing Sydney, the prospective Western Sydney City Deal, the Western Sydney Airport proposal and confirmation of the South West Rail Corridor.

This update has focused on developing clear, concise and easy to read documents. We believe this approach, combined with new and diverse ways of connecting with our community, will position Council as a leading voice on behalf of our Community.

Council invites you to make comment and submission on the following documents:

These above documents are available for viewing at Council’s Administration Centre, 70 Central Avenue, Oran Park, Camden Library, Narellan Library and online (links above).

All submissions are to be in writing and addressed to the General Manager with Subject Title: IPR Related Documents, via:

  • Mail:              PO Box 183, Camden 2570
  • Hand deliver:   70 Central Avenue, Oran Park
  • Email:  

Submissions close 12am, Sunday 11 June 2017.

Re-exhibition of Comprehensive Review of Camden Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2010 – Phase 1 Minor Amendments – Additional changes resulting from submissions

At its meeting on 12 July 2016, Council resolved to publicly exhibit a Planning Proposal which seeks to make minor amendments to the Camden Local Environmental Plan 2010 (Camden LEP 2010).

The Planning Proposal seeks to improve the overall operation and accuracy of the Plan by making changes which are administrative or low impact in nature with respect to the following:

  • Administrative review of Schedule 5 (Environmental Heritage); 
  • Comprehensive review of LEP Mapping;
  • Review of LEP clauses & exempt development provisions;
  • Review of Land Use Table; and
  • Review of Schedule 1 (Additional Permitted Uses)

Re-exhibition of Planning Proposal

The Planning Proposal is re-exhibited for two new additional amendments which are proposed to be included in the Planning Proposal. These are to:

  • Permit advertising on bus shelters as exempt development; and
  • Add a minimum lot size for secondary dwellings

Exhibition material

Exhibition material is available to view in hard copy at Council’s Administration Building located at 70 Central Avenue, Oran Park; and Camden and Narellan Libraries until Friday 9 June 2017 or via the links below:


Written submissions are welcome from the public and should be received by Council no later than close of business on Friday 9 June 2017.

For more information, please contact Council’s Strategic Planning Branch on 4654 7993.


Camden Growth Areas Contributions Plan

Council resolved to adopt the Camden Growth Areas Contributions Plan at its Ordinary Meeting held on Tuesday 28 February 2017 (Resolution Number ORD 24/17).

The Camden Growth Areas Contributions Plan came into effect on Wednesday 15 March 2017 in accordance with Clause 31 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000.
Under Section 5.1 of the Camden Growth Areas Contributions Plan, the Camden Section 94 Contributions Plan (Leppington North Precinct) is repealed and the Camden Contributions Plan 2011 no longer applies to land covered by Camden Growth Areas Contributions Plan.

A copy of the Contributions Plan is available on Council’s website under “Section 94 Contributions Plans”.
For more information phone 4654 7777.