Growth Centres SEPP

The South West Growth Centre has been designated for long-term development over the next few decades and includes land in Camden Local Government Area (LGA).

Land within the South West Growth Centre is subject to different planning controls under State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) Sydney Region Growth Centres 2006 (the Growth Centres SEPP).

Before land is rezoned under the Growth Centres SEPP, both the Growth Centres SEPP and the Camden Local Environmental Plan (LEP) apply to development. This means if your site is in the South West Growth Centre you will need to consider the controls in both documents.

Once land is rezoned, as is the case with Oran Park for example, the Camden LEP no longer applies and the Growth Centres SEPP sets out the detailed planning controls in an Appendix. If your land is in a Precinct that has been rezoned and you wish to find out the relevant zone, check the SEPP online, click on ‘maps’ on the tab at the top of the page, then scroll down to the list of maps to the ‘Land Zoning Map’.

How do I find out whether the South West Growth Centre Precinct that I live in has been rezoned?

Visit the NSW Government’s Growth Centres website