Building and Buying in Camden

Located just 60km south west of Sydney, Camden offers existing and potential residents an area steeped in heritage, adventure and natural charm.

The recent rezoning of land in the Camden local government area is expected to increase Camden's population from around 60,000 to approximately 250,000 by the year 2040, due to its inclusion in the South West Growth Centre.

To ensure Camden's growth is managed well, various development control plans and policies have been prepared to assess development proposals.

Whilst some of these policies contain controls adopted by Council, other State policies also apply to certain land which Council must consider in its assessment of development applications.

Be Aware of Potential Surrounding Land Uses

Whilst the majority of development in Camden is for residential purposes, it is important to know that many other uses are permitted in residential zones.

These include schools, child care centres, sports grounds and community facilities, home businesses, local businesses and granny flats.

Densities may also vary within an estate and commonly increase towards the later stages of subdivision.

Higher density developments, such as town houses, are often permitted in residential areas and may adjoin areas of lower densities.

Do your Homework

As a potential purchaser of land in the Camden Local Government Area, it is your responsibility to research what developments may occur next to or nearby your property before you buy it.

Step 1

Obtain a contract of sale including a planning certificate (149 2 & 5). This certificate will identify the zoning of the property and the majority of land uses permitted in the zone.

Planning certificates for registered lots are also available directly from Council.

Step 2

Review the applicable State Environmental Planning Policies, Camden Local Environmental Plan 2010 and Development Control Plans for the relevant area (available on Council's website) and see what your neighbours can and can't do.

Step 3

Speak to one of Council's town planners to get more information about the future plans for your area.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a Planning Certificate (149 2 & 5) from Council?

Contact Council's Customer Service Team on 4654 7777 to obtain the relevant application form and current fee.

How can I find out what planning instruments or policies apply to developments in my area?

Contact one of Council's duty town planners on (02) 4654 7777 to find out which planning instruments are relevant for your area, or visit Council's website at to download the relevant policies.

Are Council's policies regularly changed or updated? How can I be sure that the controls I read will remain in place?

Council's development control plans, as well as State policies, are occasionally updated. These documents are placed on public exhibition to allow residents to provide feedback, before being adopted.

When assessing development applications, do developers have to fully comply with State and local policies?

Council is required to consider all relevant State and local policies in assessing a development application. Only where appropriate planning justification exists will a variation be supported.

Download a copy of the Buying in Camden brochure.