Camden Council will not collect contaminated bins until the contamination has been removed. Once all the contamination has been removed the bin will be collected the following week. It is important to note, any contamination in a bin is the responsibility of the user.

If your bin has been missed due to contamination, a bin tag will be left on your bin. The bin tag provides information on why your bin may have been missed. If it was due to contamination, the type of contamination will be noted on the bin tag.

In order to prevent your bin being contaminated please follow these handy tips:

  • Place your bins out the night before your collection day.
  • Don't leave or store your bins out on the road; bins should be stored behind the building line in a secure location.
  • Check to see what can go in your Recycling and Greenwaste bins.
  • Never place hazardous material in your bin including batteries, gas cylinders, paint and other chemicals.