Commercial Garbage Service

Camden Council provides a commercial garbage service that allows customers to choose a bin size that best suits their business or commercial property. Bin size options include 240L, 360L or 660L for garbage bins, and 240L, 360L, 660L or 1,100L for recycling. 

Camden Council does not provide a green waste service for commercial properties.

If you're interested in receiving this service please see How to Organise a Service or phone Customer Service on 4654 7777. 

Please note there are a number of restrictions as to what can be put into both bins, with the major items being below.

The recycling bin accepts the same type of materials that are acceptable in the domestic recycling bin.

Items you can't put in your garbage bin:

  • No hazardous materials (batteries, paint tins, oil containers, gas cylinders, asbestos)
  • No liquids (wastewater, oil, paint, cleaners, acids, chemicals)
  • No demolition, construction or renovation materials
  • No electrical appliances
  • No medical waste (needles or syringes)