3 Bin System

Camden Council provides a two or three bin waste management system to its residents. The three bin service is available to all urban residential properties and is designed to minimise the amount of resources going to landfill. It consists of a Recycling Bin, a Green Waste Bin, and a General Waste Bin.

Note: At some rural properties, only the recycling and garbage bins are available as greenwaste can be disposed of on-site.

All of the three bins are collected weekly. Bins must be placed on the kerbside with the lid opening to the road. There must be a gap of at least 30cm between the bins, and no obstruction from light poles, trees or parked cars. Bear in mind that the size of the garbage trucks means they need a lot of room to move.

Council also provides a booking service for the Kerbside Collection of bulky household wastes.