Waste Collection Placement Guidelines

When placing your bins out for collection please ensure you follow these handy tips:

  • Please be aware that bins heavier than 80kg cannot be collected.
  • To reduce the weight of your garden organics bin, please ensure organic material is dry before putting it in the bin.
  • Place your bins on the grassed or concrete kerb, NOT on the road or in driveways.
  • Ensure your bins are NOT placed near any trees, street lighting, signage or other fixtures to allow for a clear vertical space.
  • Bins need a clear space of 3m long with 30cm apart to allow the waste truck-lifting arm enough space to pick up and empty the bin.
  • Please ensure cars are not parked out on roads and near bins on waste collection days.
  • Please ensure that your bins are presented to the kerb with the wheels facing towards your property.
  • Having the lid on your bin closed will assist the collection. Having waste items protruding out of the bin makes it hard for the truck to neatly collect the rubbish, and it may be rejected if it is protruding too much.