Waste Questions

  1. Do I own the bin or does Council?
  2. What are waste collection times?
  3. Why can Council start collecting waste at 5am?
  4. My bin has been stolen?
  5. My recycling bin has a broken/missing divider
  6. My bin/s are damaged
  7. I would like a smaller/larger garbage bin or additional bin
  8. My garbage bin is dirty 
  9. My bin was not emptied
  10. I have too much waste to fit in my bins, what can I do with it?
  11. When can I have my kerbside collection?
  12. What are the rules surrounding the waste collection vehicles and noise?



  1. Do I own the bin or does Council? 
    The bins provided to residents remain the property of Council.  If you move house, you cannot take the bins with you and bins should not be used for purposes other than household waste disposal. However, if your bin is damaged or stolen Council will organise for it to be repaired or replaced.
  2. What are the waste collection times? 
    Waste collections commence at 5am until all properties on an allocated day are serviced – normally by 1pm. All residential waste bins are serviced during Monday to Friday regardless of public holidays eg. Christmas Day, New Years Day.
  3. Why can Council start collecting waste at 5am? 
    On 18 June 1999, Council resolved to commence waste collections at 5am due to:
    - Increasing urbanisation of the LGA with subsequent increase in the number of waste collections.
    - Narrower street design and higher density housing.
    - Obstruction of building trade vehicles on roadways.
    - Reduce hazardous manoeuvring of waste vehicles.
    - Traffic interruptions on both minor and major roads and the danger collections pose to road users.
    - To reduce the likelihood of disturbances of early waste collection runs on the same group of residents, Council rotates the runs to share early starts across the whole LGA.  
  4. My bin has been stolen?
    If your bin has been stolen you will need to report it to Council. By reporting the missing or stolen bin Council will deliver a new bin to your property, you can report a missing or stolen bin by contacting Council's Customer Service Team either in person at Council's Customer Service Office 70 Central Ave, Oran Park NSW, over the phone 4654 7777 or by completing this online Stolen Bin Form.
  5. My recycling bin has a broken/missing divider
    Due to changes in the technology available to Camden Council, recycling dividers are no longer an essential part of the recycling service in Camden. If your divider is broken phone 4654 7777 and it will be removed for you. If your divider is missing there is no need to contact Council – you can now use your recycling bin with the paper and cardboard and bottles and cans mixed in together. This system is being phased in. If you still have a divider in your bin you are required to use the divided recycling bins as normal. 
  6. My bin/s are damaged 
    Council can arrange for your damaged bins to be repaired or replaced where necessary. You request a bin repair by completing the online Repair or Replace Waste Bin Form or contacting Council on 4654 7777, please note you will need to inform Council of the bin size and type (eg 240L garbage bin with damaged lid).
  7. I would like a smaller/larger garbage bin or additional bin
    You can make a request for a change of garbage bin size if you are the owner of the property.
    If you are a tenant you must go through your landlord or managing agent. Owners complete and return a Waste (Variation in size or Additional bin) Form for a change of bin size stating the new bin size and acknowledging that a change in the rates charge will occur. Please read the lodgement information on the back of the form for details on how to the lodge the completed form.
  8. My garbage bin is dirty 
    The cleanliness of bins is the responsibility of the user. To minimise the use of excess water when washing your bin why not try using the grey water from your washing machine or sink, and always wash your bin on the grass. 
  9. My bin was not emptied 
    If your bin was not emptied please check to see whether a tag was left on the bin or in your letterbox. If there was this should explain why the bin was left unemptied. Common reasons include:
    - Recycling bin has been contaminated with garbage, dirty materials or non-recyclable material
    - Green waste (brown) bin has been contaminated with non-compostable material such as garbage or plastic bags or large green waste items
    - Your garbage bin is overfull 
    - Your bin is too heavy (heavier than 80kg) 
    - Bins are not correctly positioned. They should be:
        o  30cm apart
        o  1 meter from light or power poles and trees 
        o  Positioned with the Camden Council logo facing the kerb
        o  Away from parked cars.
    Please note that if you have put your bin out for collection after the truck has passed Council is under no obligation to return and collect it. To report a missed bin please complete the online Missed Weekly Collection Form or call Council's Customer Service Team on 4654 7777.
  10. I have too much waste to fit in my bins, what can I do with it?
    Spring Farm Resource Recovery Park
    The local waste disposal facility (or tip) within the Camden local government area is Spring Farm Advanced Resource Recovery Park. Located on Richardson Road in Spring Farm, the facility is owned and operated by SUEZ Environnement (formerly SITA Environmental Solutions).
    Visit www.sita.com.au or phone 1300 651 116 for information on fees and services.
    Waste Minimisation Techniques
    Council can assist you with composting or worm farming your food scraps. This may reduce the weight of your general garbage by up to 50%, and give you much more room in your garden organics bin.
    Make sure you are making the most of your recycling bin. Recycle as much as possible see Recycling Service to learn what items can and cannot be recycled. Squashing your plastic drink bottles and milk cartons can help reduce the space they use. However, never break glass as it will not be accepted for recycling.
  11. When can I have my bulky household waste collected? 
    Council provides residents two Kerbside Clean Up Services per annum. This service is on call, that means you must make a booking before placing items out on the kerb. To book a collection please contact Council's Customer Service Team on 4654 7777 or see Kerbside Clean Up Service for more information.
  12. What are the rules surrounding the waste collection vehicles and noise?
    Council’s waste trucks are maintained on a routine basis to ensure they are operating at optimum performance and are roadworthy according to RTA requirements.  The trucks also adhere to EPA standards that prescribe permissible levels of generated noise.

    Unlike other sources of noise, the noise generated from waste collections is viewed as being incidental and isolated, that does not continue for an extended period of time in one location, unlike the use of power tools in the construction of a house. Due to this Council is permitted to commence waste collection before the 7am start time that is imposed on other generators of noise.