Don’t throw it away, use it in the garden!

Another great technique for minimising the amount of waste going into your garbage bin is to recycle your garden and kitchen scraps at home. You can do this using a worm farm or compost bin. Both of these, with a little bit of time and attention will convert your organic material into a valuable resource for use around the garden.

Worm farms produce great natural fertiliser for your garden, take up very little space and are easy to use. Compost bins help the process of organic material breaking down into compost, which as any keen gardener knows, is an essential soil conditioner for your yard!


If you would like advice on starting up one of these organics recycling systems ask to speak to Council’s Environmental Education Officer on 4654 7777.

Online Training

Camden Community Gardens have partnered with Camden Council to join the Reduce Landfill Program, This program allows gardeners to take part in free interactive online training as well as giving residents the opportunity to take part in workshops at the Community Gardens. To participate in the free online training through Reduce Landfill simply register and watch out for upcoming workshops.

Visit to become a worm farming and composting graduate.