Catchments, Rivers, Creeks and Wetlands

A catchment is an area of land drained by a river or other body of water. A catchment or catchment area is also referred to as a drainage basin or watershed.

Catchments can be further broken down into sub-catchments, which are simply the smaller areas of land that drain into a particular area through the smaller watercourse features like creeks, streams and wetlands.

Most of the Camden Local Government Area (LGA) is located in the Upper Nepean River Catchment (which forms part of the larger Hawkesbury-Nepean Catchment area of over 22,000m2 that drains to the Hawkesbury-Nepean River). A small area in the north-east of the Camden LGA (less than 1%) drains into the Georges River Catchment.

There are 9 sub-catchments of the  in the Camden LGA:

  • Bringelly Creek sub-catchment
  • Cobbitty Creek sub-catchment
  • South Creek sub-catchment
  • Kemps Creek sub-catchment
  • Nepean Bends sub-catchment
  • Narellan Creek sub-catchment
  • Sickles Creek sub-catchment
  • Matahil Creek sub-catchment
  • Spring Creek sub-catchment


caption:Subcatchments of Camden LGA


Did You Know?

The Nepean River is the focus of the Camden landscape and home to the platypus, the symbol of ‘Sustainable Camden’.