Animals Found in the Camden Area

Looking for our Paw-Ever Home

For more information on animals listed below contact

Liverpool Animal Shelter
406 Bringelly Road Austral
Ph: 9606 6118

*Over the Easter period with the closure of Liverpool Animal Shelter, any resident who find a stray or lost animal is encouraged to contact their local vet. Arrangements will then be made on Tuesday 18 April for any animals held at a vet to be collected and transferred to Liverpool Animal Shelter. *

  Name Breed Sex Microchipped Location Found Date Found Available For Adoption From
pug 892 Pug Cross Male Yes Smeaton Grange 19/4/2017 4/5/2017




Terrier cross Male Yes Grasmere 18/4/2017 3/5/2017


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 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel  Male    Yes Oran Park   7/4/2017 home safe
kelpiex  838  Kelpie Cross  Female  No  Camden   7/4/2017  home safe
 chihia    Chihuahua Male   Yes Cobbitty   7/4/2017  home safe



Staffordshire Terrier  Female  Yes  Camden   6/4/2017 21/4/2017 



Shar Pei Cross   Male Yes  Camden  6/4/2017  21/4/2017 
wpoodle   838 Poodle Cross  Male   Yes Mount Annan  6/4/2017  home safe
bpoodle 892

Poodle  Cross

Female Yes Mount Annan 6/4/2017 home safe
whippy cross



Staffordshire Terrier Cross Female Yes Camden 5/4/2017 20/4/2017 



Siberian Husky  Male Yes Narellan Vale 5/4/2017 home safe
huskystaffy 866  Staffordshire Terrier Cross Female Yes Narellan Vale 5/4/2017 home safe








"Wombat" Great Dane Cross Female Yes Currans Hill 27/3/2017 home safe
staffy "Sweetie"

Staffordshire Terrier


Female No Harrington Grove 27/3/2017 Taken to RSPCA due to injuries
BC "Sammi" Border collie Female Yes Catherine Field 23/3/2017 home safe
cat "Storm" Domestic Medium hair Female No Narellan vale 23/3/2017 rescue 
pup "Wrinkles" Cross Breed Pup Male No Gregory Hills 22/3/2017 Sent to Fetching Dog Rescue as a duty of care due to severe mangerescue 
Chihuahua 833 Chihuahua Male Yes Leppington 22/3/2017 home safe
pom 890 Pomeranian Male Yes Elderslie 17/3/2017 home safe
malt 810 Maltese Cross Male No Elderslie 17/3/2017 home safe
staffy slim 875 Staffordshire Terrier Male Yes Harrington Grove 17/3/2017 home safe