Illegal Dumping

See It, Report It, Stop It

Illegal dumping is the depositing – dumping, tipping or otherwise – of waste larger than litter onto land or into water. Illegal dumping of material is a growing issue in New South Wales.

How can you help?

Any information you are able to provide, such as, a vehicle registration number, a description of the vehicle or the offender can assist our officers in their investigation.

If you see anyone depositing, dumping or tipping waste contact Council on (02) 4654 7777 or call the Environment Protection Authority's (EPA) Environment Line on 131 555 during business hours.

Camden’s commitment to combat illegal dumping

Camden Council has made a commitment to reduce the frequency and volume of illegal dumping occurring in our Local Government Area. Camden Council, in partnership with the EPA is investigating innovative solutions to combat illegal dumping. This includes employing an Environmental Protection Officer who is specifically employed to develop strategies to minimise illegal dumping and coordinate action on education, deterrence and enforcement to prevent people from dumping illegally.