Local Traffic Committee

The Local Traffic Committee (LTC) is a technical advisory group which considers proposed traffic measures to ensure that technical criteria and local requirements are being met. Traffic measures include:

  • Regulatory road signs and line markings including parking restrictions
  • Median and traffic islands - whether line marked or concrete
  • Pedestrian crossings
  • Traffic calming
  • Temporary controls for some Special Events and construction projects¬†

The Camden LTC usually meets once a month at Council and is made up of the following voting members:

  • Nominated Camden Councillor who chairs the meeting
  • NSW Police - Camden Local Area Command - representative
  • Roads and Maritime Services - Sydney Region - representative
  • Nominee for the State Member of Parliament for Camden

Informal advisors also attend the meetings including Council technical officers, bus and taxi operators and Chamber of Commerce representatives but there is not a public gallery. Minutes of the meetings are publicly available.

The Camden LTC has no decision making powers but makes recommendations to the next available meeting of Council. Council must notify the voting members of the LTC if it wishes to act against advice given by the LTC.

Note that the Roads and Maritime Services directly manages the State road network and retains sole responsibility for speed zones and traffic signals on all roads. The LTC cannot make determinations on these matters but can consider them as informal items.