Public Road Activity

As the road authority for local roads, Council needs to manage all activities on public roads in addition to the transport functions. If you are planning any of the following activities you must complete the relevant application to Council. Please phone Council on 4654 7777 to gain the relevant application form.

  • Driveway Crossover
  • Roadworks and Surveying
  • Hoarded Zones and Truck Zones
  • Outdoor Cafés
  • Crane / Cherry Picker / Concrete Pump operation
  • Shoring / Ground Anchors / Formwork
  • Road Opening

Many of these activities will also require a Development Application.

For Special Events (including sport tournaments) on public roads or that are likely to impact on traffic and pedestrian movement on public roads, you should follow the Special Events Transport Management procedure. 

Most public road activates will require a Traffic Control Plan drawn up by a suitably qualified person. Activities which involve any of the following temporary traffic control measures need the Traffic Control Plan to be referred to Council at least two months in advance of works for consideration and concurrence by the Camden Local Traffic Committee:

  • Diversion of traffic to alternative routes
  • Changes to traffic control devices and on-street parking restrictions
  • Potential impact on the traffic operation of Regional and State Roads

Fees required for various activities are specified in Section 3-17 of Council's Fees and Charges.

To view a list of Council roads, see the Camden Road Register.