The Camden Local Government Area (LGA) is located about 61 km south west of the Sydney central business district. It covers more than 20,000 ha and is centred on the town of Camden on the banks of the Nepean River. It contains a mix of agricultural land, country towns and villages, and new residential areas with associated commercial and industrial development. The area lies within the Cumberland Plain, and has rich Nepean River flats and undulating Wianamatta Shale hills.

Clearing for agriculture and urban development has significantly reduced the extent and condition of native vegetation across the LGA. Additional pressures include overgrazing, chemical run-off, irrigation and dryland salinity, erosion and sedimentation, unsustainable firewood collection, competition from weeds and rubbish dumping.  Nearly 90% of vegetation across the LGA has been cleared or degraded since European settlement. Continuing urban development within the Camden LGA has the potential to exert various environmental pressures on the land, water, air, soils and biodiversity of the LGA.